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I specialise in working with managers to improve their effectiveness in leading others – whether they be paid staff or volunteers. My background is in learning & development, volunteering and operations gained from 20 years of working with organisations such as John Lewis Plc, Arcadia Group Ltd, Cancer Research UK and Victim Support amongst others.

During this time I’ve worked with a number of consultants and found those that have been most effective took the time to truly understand the challenges we were facing, got to know me and my team and worked with us to deliver the change that was needed. I’m mindful of this experience as a consultant and work in the same way - taking an honest, open and collaborative approach to working with my clients.

"I have been impressed by Richard's broad skills base, ranging from project to people management. It has meant that he has been very effective at troubleshooting and this has been an immense help" Kultar Nayyar, Services Director

"The time that Richard spent really getting to know the organisation was really beneficial and enabled him to identify issues and create solutions that worked for us. It also helped to get buy in from staff and volunteers for the change we needed" Rosemary Gooder, Head of Volunteering, Independent Age

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